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Our Quality Assurance Plan has been in existence for over 50 years. It is designed to be stringent enough to meet nuclear industry standards under ASME’s 18 point checklist while being flexible to adjust to your project’s unique requirements. Champion’s staff is ACI certified and very knowledgeable when dealing with multiple types of standards, such as COE, DOT, ACI, ASTM, and AASHTO.

Champion Concrete dedicates a trained and certified QA Manager to each project with the technical background to troubleshoot issues as well as search out and eliminate issues before they occur. Your QA Manager has direct access to our corporate staff to offer assistance based on many years of field experience in concrete production.

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Our hands-on experience, deep understanding of equipment, and continuing education mean we can provide for any customer’s needs. This considerable knowledge includes solving many extraordinary requests for high strength, and innovative methods of producing and transporting concrete to job sites. We have the experience with materials, equipment, and manpower to determine competitive costs accurately and mitigation of risks involved.

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