Operational Capacity

Champion Concrete has the dedicated equipment to meet your needs no matter the production rate, material requirements, or the geographical location of your project. With our fleet of mixer trucks and ability to procure a wide variety of key equipment in a short time frame, you can be assured your project’s schedule will be met.
R-106 Springerville, AZ
Batch Plants
We can provide 300cy/hr central mix batch plants, smaller 100cy/hr, or less transit mix batch plants. All of our plants are fully automated, and NRMCA certified to provide the highest quality product.


SRNS Delivery Fleet
Delivery Fleet
We maintain a fleet of NRMCA Certified front discharge concrete mixer trucks dedicated to your project’s demands. Depending on your requirements, we have the capability to offload material deliveries by truck, rail, and barge. We deliver to your point of placement by truck mixer, or to stationary conveyors and pumps – even in restricted areas.


Support Equipment
Support equipment is packaged for production and material specifications to meet the specific needs of each project. Champion has support equipment packages for most any type of concrete and production rate.

    Chipped Ice Blower

  • Boilers
  • Steam Generator
  • Heating Grids
  • Plant Enclosures
  • Cooling Equipment
  • Chillers
  • Ice Blowers
  • Flake Ice House
  • Conveyors
  • Loaders
  • Forklifts/Bobcats
  • Material Offloading
  • Powder Handling
  • Reclaiming

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