Challenges accepted…solutions provided

Our decades of experience have given us a deep understanding and respect for our responsibilities for the projects we work on. Each has its distinct set of challenges and demands that will need to be met for the project to be considered a success. The expertise the Champion Concrete team brings to every project means we can offer options and solutions to satisfy your requirements.

We have learned that concrete tends to be overlooked as not a critical path item. We have also learned that “Concrete is like the air we breathe – Nobody thinks much about it until you can’t get it.” That’s why a dedicated batch plant can provide multiple benefits to your construction project, such as:

US 212 Bridge Repair, Gettysburg, SD

US 212 Bridge Repair, Gettysburg, SD

  • Eliminating wait time and delays for your placing crew
  • Starting and stopping concrete placements on demand
  • A fresher quality product with more time for placing due to proximity to the pour site
  • A technical support team at your disposal on short notice
  • The ability to handle last minute order changes without affecting project schedule or price

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