Safety first…for people and the environment

Champion Concrete believes it has an obligation to provide a safe and structured work environment for all involved. While no two operations are the same, a consistent approach to safety is essential. We need to have qualified and top performing supervision to set an example for the site while implementing and maintaining programs and helping to evaluate its effectiveness. Our site management has knowledge of regulatory agency standards, principals of safety management, hazard recognition/mitigation, inspections and Behavior Based Safety observations. All of Champion Concrete’s supervisors complete an OSHA 30 Hour program as a minimum.

We have an extensive corporate safety manual covering all items in the general and industrial construction industries. Our safety manual has been proven effective in the coal, oil and nuclear industries. In addition to the Corporate Safety policies and procedures, a site-specific safety plan is developed that adheres to the requirements for the individual job site. The plan includes site/task specific training and hazards, emergency procedures and communications.

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