Our Company Story

In 1921, Champion, Inc. started out as a sand and gravel business in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Since that time, the company has grown into several businesses supplying needs and services throughout the United States.

In the early 1960s, Champion, Inc. began its on-site division locally in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan working with iron ore mines. The adverse weather conditions and remote locations of the region helped us to hone our specialized skill of completing remote projects with critical safety and quality standards successfully.

With the help and encouragement of our customers, Champion Concrete has now evolved into a nationwide producer of on-site concrete services supplying to EPC’s/Owners on high-tech/tight specification projects located in extreme weather conditions and remote locations. We have expanded over the decades to supply concrete on-site utilizing portable plants, a fleet of mixer trucks, and varied specialty equipment. Champion Concrete has over 5,000,000 cubic yards of experience with temperature-controlled concrete, both heated and cooled, to meet the most stringent specifications. As a responsible concrete producer for large quantities of “on-site” concrete guarantees, we are dedicated to adhering to the specifications, meeting tight schedules and providing a product of the highest quality.

We have built a reputation for excellence supplying on-site concrete for construction projects such as electrical and nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, dams, bridges, coal, oil and gas, paper and forestry industries, automotive assembly plants, and NASA.

Champion Concrete has project qualifications in both the commercial and government sectors. We work under a written Q/A Program using ASME NQA-1 18 point criteria developed through the nuclear industry, and we maintain safety and environmental compliance programs that are flexible to meet the project’s specific needs.

We have always remained innovative in providing the best solution for an owner or contractor to be part of the solution to make a project successful and profitable for all involved. Our ability to “thinking out of the box” offers solutions involving specifications, materials, manpower to accomplish the work and equipment to meet any project challenges.

Champion Concrete has always maintained respectful business relationships with vendors and suppliers in all the locations we have worked. This allows us to return to those locations and have a trusted relationship to procure future work and references moving into a new area of the country.

We are proud that our returning customers “call us first” on new projects when they run into difficulty getting concrete to their projects – they know Champion Concrete will have an answer.

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